NORCE is one of Norway’s largest independent research institutes, if we include NORCE’s subsidiaries, the group has 1000 employees from around the world. NORCE’s main office is in Bergen, and the group has a strong presence in Alta, Tromsø, Bardu, Bodø, Haugesund, Randaberg, Stavanger, Kristiansand, Grimstad and Oslo.

All the best practices are implemented in the NORCE software. One of such products is SWORD. It is designed for screening (rapid assay) the applicability of EOR methods and oil recovery factor. An assessment is based on the statistical analysis of a huge database of EOR implementations on various fields collected by NORCE worldwide. In addition, by using SWORD one can pre-estimate the development indicators (production level and its decline rates). An algorithm for evaluating an efficiency of cyclic water flooding is a separate module in SWORD.

It’s worth to especially emphasize SWORD’s high quality forecast – results obtained by this software are in close agreement with those of full-scale reservoir modeling in 3D simulations. And this is despite the fact that the SWORD needs to load hugely less of reservoir information. It’s enough to enter a reservoir depth, its thickness, reservoir and fluid properties to obtain recommendations on the application of one of four techniques: water flooding, gas injection, thermal or chemical methods. Hereafter it’s possible to add new parameters to the description and to more specifically analyze the reservoir performance under an application of each method.