Calsep A/S is a leading developer of software for PVT simulation and the most solicited consulting company in this field. The company history began in 1982, and over the years the company has accumulated vast experience and intelligent warehouse in the field of modeling PVT properties of different fluids around the world. Calsep is a highly tailored provider of software and services, it only deals with PVT related issues. Many Calsep dedicated all their lives to PVT. They are authors of prominent scientific works and methods and therefore are actively involved by oil and gas companies as consultants for important projects.
PVTSim is a versatile software product for simulating fluid properties and PVT experiments, which absorbed all the knowledge and experience of Calsep experts. PVTSim is the only product that the company develops. And the company success and stability entirely depends on this product success. It is not surprising that today it is the most advanced and functional product of this class on the market and, moreover, it is constantly improving. There are several options for equipping PVTsim by different modules for a wide range of tasks. In particular, PVTsim has interfaces to all commercially available hydrodynamic reservoir simulators: CMG, Eclipse, MORE, VIP, etc. – that allows for not only to create and configure fluid models, but also to transfer them into any existing simulator that makes PVTsim a versatile tool.
Specialists of more than 300 oil and gas and service companies, the staff of the PVT laboratories use PVTsim in their work for over 30 years. Calsep Company knowledge base is enormous and covers all regions and types of fluids. PVTsim allows to solve tasks not only in a narrow spectrum of reservoir simulation, but also to analyze conditions of formation of paraffin and hydrates in wells and pipelines, restore the original composition of the undersaturated samples and do many other studies and researches. The key advantages of this product are:

  • simple graphical user interface designed for fast and efficient work
  • advanced algorithms for calculating phase equilibria and regression
  • reliable and predictive characterization of reservoir fluid
  • 9 varieties of cubic equations of state and their own equation of state PC-SAFT
  • plug and play regression model for a fluid with a heavy residue, that minimizes manual adjustments
  • automatically logged history of regression and an activity log
  • advanced control of fluids, including flexible grouping, blending and characterization of multiple fluids in a single state equation
  • the possibility of modeling PVT experiments without having experimental data for set-ups
  • export to popular different types of hydrodynamic simulators, collection systems and preparation simulators (absolutely identical fluid model in all types of simulators)
  • fully compositional simulation of paraffin precipitation in pipelines
  • ability to easily integrate with third-party utilities and software
We propose that one should familiarize with Calsep history and experience in more details on the corporate website , and we also offer to download brochure containing technical description of PVTSim in Russian and English languages