PETEC software engineers have made available a new introductory training course for CMG software products.

A description of the following workflow steps is described in the Russian tutorial:

  • Establish Black Oil Models Using Builder

  • History match of simulation model

Build models to simulate:

  • Depletion

  • Waterflooding

  • Gas injection


  • Horizontal wells

  • Hydraulic fracturing

  • Tracers

  • Building a sector model (sub-model)

  • Local grid refinement and upscaling of the simulation models

Tutorial and requirements for input data can be found here.

5th of March 2020

Daniil Skorov, PETEK, paper in the journal "Exposition Oil Gas": “Estimation of fracture parameters of multistage hydraulic fracturing based on monitoring of the inflow profile” about innovative automated approach to determining the geometry and flow parameters of fractures n a horizontal well with multistage hydraulic fracturing with deposition of quantum marker-reporters on proppant. CMG's CMOST software tool was used for modeling well inflow profile to identify fracture parameters and significantly improved the quality of 3D reservoir simulation model history match.

October 23, 2019. The international conference "Integrated scientific support of oil and gas asset development: experience, innovation and future trends" took place in Perm city. The event was dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the oil industry in Perm region. The conference was organised by the Branch of LLC "LUKOIL-Engineering" (100% subsidiary of PJSC "LUKOIL") "PermNIPIneft". The conference was attended by Doroudi Abolghase, Regional Director of CMG, and Dmitry Kalinin, representative of LLC "PETEC". At the plenary session of the conference there was given a joint presentation  "Integrated field modelling in the framework of a single CoFlow CMG software".


The conference was attended by about 200 participants from forty companies including LUKOIL, Gazpromneft, Rosneft, Tatneft, MOL, IFP, Halliburton, Weatherford and others. Speakers from Russia, Canada, Norway, France, Hungary, Austria and Great Britain presented the best practices in geology, field development, well construction, digitalization, optimazation and AI.

IJune 2019 PETEC has signed an agreement with Eliis and became distributor of PaleoScan™ family of software products in Russia. PaleoScan is a new generation of  semi-automatic 2D/3D seismic interpretation with data loading to generation of interpreted objects in a user-friendly environment, offering rapid data screening and cross navigation.

Eliis SAS is an international software provider in seismic interpretation for the oil and gas industry. Its office is located in Montpellier (France).

At the "NAEN" Seminar  "The practice of examining hard to recover hydrocarbon reserves"

April 25-26, 2019 in Moscow the presentations were made by Roman Berenblyum, Research Director of NORCE AS, “An Approach to the Process of EOR Modeling” and Gennady Istomin, Technical Director  of  PETEC, “Cost-effective Extraction of Residual Oil from Layered Heterogeneous Reservoirs — How to Implement?”.

CALGARY, ALBERTA – Computer Modelling Group Ltd. (“CMG”), IHS Markit and Baker Hughes Incorporated announced a technology alliance aimed at delivering a new level of geoscience analytics and engineering solutions to exploration and production (E&P) customers.

For detailed information, see press release:





NORCE Norwegian Research Center AS (NORCE) was founded in July 2017 to create a powerhouse for research that will lead the way in innovation, value creation and research.


In January 2018, NORCE took over the ownership of Uni Research AS, the International Research Institute of Stavanger AS (IRIS), Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR), Agderforskning AS and Teknova AS. The business was fully integrated in the autumn of 2018 when the five former institutes were merged into NORCE. In December 2018, NORCE took over the ownership of Norut Northern Research Institute AS, which was merged into NORCE in 2019.

The owners' ambitions are for NORCE to:

  • contribute to change and innovation in the private and public sectors

  • strengthen research-based innovation and development

  • increase their national and international competitiveness

  • increase opportunities for their competence to be used across disciplines and sectors

  • increase their chances when competing for EU research funding 

Drawing on expertise in such a wide range of fields, and of such a high calibre, NORCE is uniquely equipped to deliver new knowledge and innovative solutions that will be important and useful – regionally, nationally and globally. 

The owners wish to use the merger to build an influential entity. Commissioned research increasingly takes place in an international market, which makes being a large player advantageous.

NORCE benefits from maintaining a presence along much of Norway's coast, and will work towards southern and western Norway, as well as Norway as a whole, gaining a more prominent role in innovation and commissioned research. NORCE will also ensure that the many productive and technologically-leading businesses in the region continue to lead the way in the changes to come in Norwegian manufacturing and business in the years ahead. Good synergies between these companies, a large research group and the universities will be of great value here.




In 2016 PETEC marked its 15-year anniversary. In the framework of this event on November 10-11 we held scientific-technical seminar “New technologies of extraction of hydrocarbons in a changing world”. At the seminar presentations on recent achievements and development in new research areas were made by our partners, IRIS, CMG, AGR. We thank all the speakers and guests of the workshop who took part in the anniversary, and express our openness to mutually beneficial cooperation!

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