December 8, 2021


CMG Ltd. will present software updates for GR2021 including:

Unconventional reservoirs

  • bi-directional permeability gradient;

  • hydraulic fractures pass through inactive blocks;

  • property distribution data (PDD) template and planar fracture templates in LGR;

  • importing and displaying of DFN’s within Builder.

Carbon capture and storage

  • CCS process wizard;

  • k-value formulation for aqueous solubility;

  • consolidation of solubility models.

Chemical EOR

  • polymer degradation half-life time;

  • geochemistry enhancements;

  • component mobility multiplier;

  • surface complexation.

Simulation speed up & general simulation

  • automatic tuning (AUTOTUNE) advancements;

  • discrete fracture network (DFN) enhancements;

  • IMEX + Python;

  • grid-independent wells;

  • FlexWell enhancements.


  • flow allocation dashboard;

  • cross plot display.




September 15, 2020


An updated release of the CMG 2020 software has been released.

CMG is committed to providing quality support and delivering reliable technical products based on customer feedback and requests for improvements.

Hard-to-recover deposits

  • DFN mesh modeling

  • Bridging and crossing of hydraulic fractures

  • Setting the refinement of zones between hydraulic fractures

  • Specifying the height of planar hydraulic fractures without taking into account the structure of the layers of the model

  • Option of selective adaptation of wells with hydraulic fracturing by neglecting in the calculation of the formation zones behind the area of influence of the well with hydraulic fracturing

  • Loading the dynamics of the inflow / injection profile along the fractures when constructing the hydrodynamic model

  • Acceleration of the option to load hydraulic fracture geometry from third-party software

  • Improvements in modeling tracers in STARS, IMEX, GEM

Thermal and chemical EOR

  • FlexWell improvements

  • Expanding the set of unloading parameters

  • Accounting for polymer degradation in IMEX

  • Modeling the adsorption of a component by setting the specific adsorption rate

Increased simulation speed

  • Support for new MPI core split specifications

  • Computing a sector with boundary conditions from the full model

  • Automatic inclusion of options Combinative ILU | AMG when using AUTOTUNE

  • Automatic selection of maximum solver iterations when using ADTSC in GEM

  • Changing the solver to combined during the calculation

General modeling

  • Fracture-to-Matrix Filtration in Natural Fracture Modeling (DUALPERM)

  • Initializing capillary pressure in still water

  • Direct setting of the coupling coefficient of matrix and fracture cells

  • Setting multipliers for the connectivity of cells between regions (including between matrix and fracture cells)

  • Group control taking into account the inflow from the aquifer

  • New correlation when calculating pressure distribution in IMEX

  • Improving Hysteresis Simulation in IGW Simulation

  • Using kriging to distribute the initial stress in a geomechanical model

  • Calculation of pressure and temperature on nodes of finite elements in geomechanical models

  • Selecting the mesh area of the model for transferring its data to third-party software during the calculation of the model

  • Simplified Geomechanical Isotropic Model in IMEX


- Builder

  • Compressed format for arrays of source data (* .sip)

  • Graphical interface for specifying a tracer when constructing a hydrodynamic model

  • Graphical interface for specifying the polymer when constructing the HDM

- Results

  • General settings

  • Construction and display of multilateral wells

  • Histograms

  • Setting groups of wells and displaying data on them

  • Loading the dynamics of the inflow / injection profile along the fractures.

  • Export to RESCUE

  • Bubble (circular) display of production and injection data on maps and in 3D

  • Flow vectors

  • Option to calculate the maximum, minimum, average and total values in the selected region of the property

  • Displaying the entire well trajectory in 2D views


  • Quest progress bar

  • Retrieving a List of Linux Cluster Nodes

  • Opening linked files in Builder, Results, and cEDIT